Drain Camera

It stands to reason that if you’re not quite sure what the problem with something is, you need to have as close a look as you can manage. As a plumber, you’re going to have a pretty good idea what the problem is most of the time due to experience, but now and then it really does pay to have a closer look. Your customers will thank you for it and you’ll be able to move on quickly from diagnosing the problem to actually fixing it! A drain camera is a relatively simple but highly effective piece of technology that will soon become your best friend on tough jobs. When looking to purchase a drain camera online, there are a few things to consider. Firstly – it may sound obvious but it really does pay to double check this – everything, especially the camera itself, needs to be not only water proof but able to stand up to considerable water pressure and varying temperatures. Secondly, the cable – you will find drain camera cables of varying lengths and thicknesses, so depending on the scale of the projects you work on, you’ll be able to find something suitable from the online range. The cable needs to be strong and durable above everything, and it will help you enormously if it has a metre counter so you know how far into the drain you’ve gone with the drain camera at any point.

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In order to thoroughly clean out a drain and maintain the condition of the pipes, you will need something more than a chemical cleaner. There’s no two ways around it – manual work and a bit of elbow grease is sometimes required to properly clean the pipe walls as well as unblocking the drain. Explore a vast range of drain cleaners in a wide variety of designs and materials for both domestic and commercial use. Different drains (e.g. shower, sink, toilet) may require different equipment due to the variations in plumbing shapes and systems, so looking online will give you the broadest possible range of products to choose from. Shop with eBay today and keep things running smoothly!