Drawing Boards & Tables

Whether you consider yourself a professional artiste or just an all-round creative hobbyist, a drawing board is a great tool that allows you to have a bit of fun exploring your arty side.

Made of melamine to give you a smooth surface to draw on, and featuring a clip system to keep your paper in place, a drawing board is something every would-be or expert artist should consider.

What is a drawing board used for?

You can use a drawing board for a variety of creative outlets, such as water colouring, sketching, pastels, architectural drawing, or even for writing or even creating collages. If youre wondering, Why should I use a drawing board when I can just use a desk or a table? then prepare to be enlightened.

Why you need a drawing board

Want to sit outside in the warm morning sun while you get your creative juices flowing before you begin to create art? You cant do that with a desk or a table. A drawing board is portable and easy to carry, so you can move it wherever you will find the most inspiration. Take your work with you wherever you go and recreate your own version of a positive office desk culture.

Another reason why you need to buy a drawing board is that while its tempting to work from a large pad, the indentations that your pencil makes can infiltrate and dent the page underneath it. This can potentially damage your subsequent drawings.

Lastly, your art will be safely stored in an upright position, away from liquids or food. If you need to move your drawing board out of the way, you can easily do so and place it in another spot for safekeeping.

Buy drawing boards online on eBay at discount prices. Find a range of sizes - from A5 to A1 - and materials to suit your art requirements, and create your own studio in your very own home with collectable pencils, white light boxes, and more.