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American company Dremel invented the high-speed rotary tool back in 1934 and since then have created a range of tool systems to complete many different projects. Known best for their rotary tools, Dremel has practically become a household name when it comes to DIY projects. The ergonomic, handheld nature of the tools make them very popular for a whole range of different hobbies, projects and even professional pursuits.

Rotary Tools

Since they invented the rotary tool, Dremel has continued to produce quality rotary tools. If you're an at-home DIY enthusiast or a professional at work, their range features ergonomic designs and high-performance models, making them ready for the job at hand. Whether you need to cut, grind, saw, polish or even perform routing on intricate picture frames, you can do it all with Dremel.


Dremel has a range of benchtop saws and handheld saws that get the cutting jobs done, at home or onsite. They are portable so you can take them with you on the go and can cut through wood, plastic, metal, and more materials. You'll be able to find smaller electric saws, and also hand-operated ones, making it easy to do smaller jobs without trying to use larger power saws that risk damage to your projects.

Multi-Purpose Tools

Whether you're looking for speed and power tools, rough-cutting, or precision cutting, Dremel has a range of multi-tools to suit your needs. Check out tip tools, butane torches, and engravers that will make light work of any task. The great thing about Dremel is the ability to buy a whole range of multi-purpose tools all at once. You can find packs filled to the brim with all the accessories you need, upwards of 200 pieces in one easy-to-organise container. Alternatively, you can just buy the single parts you need for your favourite tasks!

3D Printers

Dremel's premium 3D printers feature best-in-class extruders that prevent failed builds when you're bringing your projects to life. They are fully enclosed for protection with a removable build platform so you can easily take your 3D printed objects out when they're ready.

When it comes to the quality of the 3D print, Dremel's machines have a 100-micron build resolution to make sure the finished result is excellent. It's easy to transfer your files into a build with a full-colour touchscreen, and the machines are network-enabled so you can monitor the build over both Wi-Fi and ethernet.

Tool Accessories

Dremel has a range of accessories to help you keep your tools and tasks at their best, such as filaments, shaping knives, saw blades, and drill bits. Clean your tools and keep them in their best condition with a range of accessories from Dremel. Also, if you like to be super organised, you can buy holders and containers that make it easy to keep all of your gear in one place, easy to access.

So, whether you're into engraving, polishing, sanding, picture framing, or absolutely any type of crafty hobby, Dremel tools and accessories may just be the very best purchase you ever make!

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