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Dress Mannequin

A dress mannequin is a visual way to display clothing for retail stores, visual merchandisers, clothes designers, tailors, and seamstresses. These figures represent the human body and make it easier to see how clothing looks once somebody wears it, and there are many different styles available in both male and female mannequin form. A dress form is another style of sewing mannequin for seamstresses and tailors as they make alterations. These feature just the torso, whereas a clothes mannequin can come in different sizes and with various body parts.

Are There Different Sizes of Mannequins?

A mannequin is a stand-in for an actual human when you want to display clothing. There are many different sizes that can represent different body shapes. Sellers on eBay offer mannequins in a number of sizes, including:

  • Short or petite;
  • Tall;
  • Muscular;
  • Plus size; and
  • Kid and teenager sizes.

What Shape Are the Mannequins?

A dress form usually features just the torso which makes it easier for designers to work with and alter clothing, however a dress mannequin comes in many different styles. Depending on the type of clothes theyre modelling and what theyre for, you might prefer one of these:

  • Full length: A full length clothes mannequin has arms, legs, head, and torso, for a complete look at the clothing.
  • Torso: Just the upper half of the mannequin, for showing dresses and other clothes where the legs arent visible.
  • Seated: Common for store fronts to show how the clothes work in different settings.

What Other Features Do They Have?

A clothes mannequin for a retail store or merchandiser can be as simple or detailed as you need, with some needing theirs to have more features than others. Here are some other details you might want from a mannequin:

  • Different colours: These are available in many different skin tones as well as bolder colours like gold and silver.
  • Materials: The most common materials for these displays is fibreglass, plastic or wire mannequin.
  • Facial features: Many mannequins are faceless but there is the option to choose those with facial features.
  • Flexible: An adjustable mannequin has moving body parts that allow you to change their pose and stance.

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