Dresses Size 18 for Women

Size 18 Womens Dresses

Dresses have long been seen as a symbol of femininity, and various styles are available to cater to the diverse appearances of women. People often categorise Size 18 dresses as "plus size" dresses, but that does not mean that there is a shortage of choices when it comes to designs and colours. Choosing the right style and colours for your body will ensure that whatever dress you wear fits and flatters your figure.

What are the Measurements of a Size 18 Dress?

While it may seem that the term "size 18" implies a size with certain standard measurements, the reality is these measurements vary from brand to brand. Examples of some measurements for size 18 from popular Australian womens brands include:

  • ASOS - 110.5 cm bust, 92.5 cm waist, 116.5 cm hips
  • Millers - 112 cm bust, 95 cm waist, 122 cm hips
  • H&M - 104 cm bust, 88 cm waist, 112 cm hips
  • LaCoste - 108 cm bust, 115 cm waist
  • Boohoo - 110 cm bust, 90 cm waist, 116 cm hips

Therefore, it is very important to pay close attention to the measurements of the dress before purchase. A variation of even five centimetres can affect the fit of a dress on you.

What are Some Different Types of Womens Dresses?

Not all dresses are alike, as you can wear them for a variety of different purposes. You can divide dresses by:

  • Length - You can find maxi, midi, and mini dresses in the market. Maxi dresses often reach the ankle, while midi dresses end around the knee. Mini dresses are a flirtier style that ends around mid-thigh.
  • Style - This usually ties to the occasion. Cocktail dresses are suitable as party wear, while formal dresses can work more upscale events. Simpler formal dresses can serve as work dresses, while sundresses are for hot days out.

What are Some Styles That Are Flattering For a Size 18?

Sometimes what looks great and what doesnt work at all depends on the style of the dress. You can opt for many different cuts to highlight your assets. Some tips include:

  • For hourglass shapes, pick cuts that either flare or hug at the hips, and cinches at the waist.
  • Busty women would benefit from figure-hugging dresses that have knots or designs at the waist area to downplay the size of their chests.
  • Two-tone work dresses that have a darker shade on the outer parts and a lighter-coloured panel in the middle helps plus size women look slimmer.
  • Women with heavier hips will benefit from a retro-style dress that has an A-cut skirt, as this downplays the lower half of the body.