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Drop Down Trailer Legs

Millions of Australians go caravanning every summer, and every one of those caravans has to stop when you set up for the night. One of the most underestimated parts of a caravan, or a camper trailer for that matter are the stabilising legs. Wheels are great for getting from place to place, but when it comes to sitting in one spot, the same suspension that absorbs bumps on the road can make your trailer unstable in the middle of the night.

Caravan Legs

The idea behind caravan legs is that the way to stabilise a square is to balance it at all four corners. Since you can't exactly pull a trailer that has four legs flat on the ground they need to be able to retract for transport and extend for daily usage. Adjustable legs also serve to level the caravan if your camping space is not perfectly flat.

Types of Legs

The majority of caravan jacks rely on either electric or hydraulic means to support your caravan. The advantage of hydraulic jacks is that they don't require electric power; you just crank them down. Drop down legs usually swing down into place and then extend further for stability.

Mounting Drop Down Legs

As with any other trailer parts you have to make sure your stabiliser legs are mounted securely to the caravan. Your best option is to weld a bracket to your trailer and then bolt the legs to the bracket. This gives you the security of a welded join with the flexibility to change your legs as needed.

Caravan Maintenance

Before each summer season it's important to spend some time doing caravan maintenance. Among other things, that means ensuring that your caravan legs extend and retract properly. It also means looking for signs of rust or other corrosion, as well as damage to your existing legs.

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