Drum Heads

Drum Heads

Every drum has a drum head, and since drum heads take such a beating, it is necessary to replace them from time to time. Drum heads are available for any kind of drum, from snares to congas to kettles. Get them for a single drum or for the entire kit. Because drum playing is such a personal experience, you should experiment with multiple drum head types until you find the best sound that drives your rhythms. If you are a seasoned drummer, keep in mind what you want from your drum heads.

Coated and Non-Coated Drum Heads

Coated skins give off a warmer and more focused sound, while non-coated skins are brighter and clearer. This definition makes them a popular choice among drummers. Coated drum heads grip your drumsticks better than non-coated because they are not as smooth. Experiment with these to decide what kind of sound you prefer and how it feels to handle.

Single or Double-ply Drum Heads

Single-ply drum heads are an excellent option for rock drummers wanting loud and bright beats, but they do not stand up well to a severe beating. You’ll get maximum sustain and highlight the natural tones your kit has to offer. A double-ply skin works well with warm jazzy tones, and they offer great depth. Drum heads that have a dot in the middle focus tones and provide some reinforcement, which gives them a longer lifespan.


Remo, Evans, Pearl and many other brands offer quality drum heads and other drum accessories. Some brands offer a chart to help you navigate which drum head will work best, allowing you to achieve certain tones or with specific styles, but durability and sound are what you want to give your attention to. Try different combinations of brands and styles to find the sound that resonates best for you.


Drum heads aren’t the only things that need replacing from time to time. Part of being a good drummer is being a prepared drummer. Be sure to look for other percussion accessories and parts that you may need. Drum keys, sticks and straps are just a few accessories that you always want to have a backup of. You can also consider replacing or upgrading your drum stool or throne ; your comfort and ability to move around your kit can make or break your performance, after all.