Drum Sticks, Brushes & Mallets

Drumsticks and Brushes

Shopping for drumsticks and brushes in specialty music stores can be intimidating, especially for people new to drumming. Shopping from eBay vendors for your drumsticks offers a number of benefits. For example, you can peruse a variety of different brand options, reading their product specifications in detail to help you select the right choice.

What Types of Drumsticks are Available?

There are many different types of drumsticks and brushes to choose from when shopping from eBay vendors. Some of your options include: snare drum stick, brushes, electronic and junior drumsticks.  

What are Some Tips for Selecting Drumsticks and Drum Brushes?

When selecting drumsticks, it’s important to consider your choice of wood carefully. Different wood types allow for different effects. For example, laminated birch sticks produce deep sounds from cymbals and drums. Be aware that the thickness of the stick will also impact the sound. To preserve the quality of your new sticks, you may like to consider picking up protective equipment, like a drumstick bag.

What are Some Other Products for Drummers Available?

Some of the other cracker products for drummers sold by eBay vendors include: