Dual Fuel Ranges and Stoves

When shopping for a range or stove, you may want to consider dual fuel ranges and stoves. These products offer the best of both worlds by combining gas and electric. You'll find a variety of designs and features to ensure the stove contains everything you need to cook in your kitchen to perfection.

Dual Fuels

The dual fuel cookstoves usually feature a gas cooktop and electric oven. The gas stovetop heats up fast and keeps a constant temperature for consistent cooking. At the same time, the electric oven cooks foods more evenly for fabulous meals.


Many of the top appliance brands make this type of stove. An old name in appliances, Westinghouse dual fuel ranges and stoves, offers a full inventory of appliances, including ovens and stoves that use dual fuels. Falcon dual fuel ranges and stoves is another option when you're looking for this type of cookstove. Other names to consider include Electrolux and Euromaid.


Some dual fuel stoves include two ovens with a possible fan force option. Many of the ovens allow for timed cooking, which means you can select the start and end times to allow food to cook even when you are away. Gas burners may include a center wok or grille for more cooking options.


These dual fuel stoves and ranges come in many different styles. They can be black, white or the popular stainless steel. They may have standard raised burners or a smooth surface cooktop. You can even find a jumbo oven, which allows you to cook larger meals. Knobs for the controls can be black, white or even a bold colour like red. The ovens include a glass window so you can watch food as it cooks.