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Dualit Toasters

Established in 1945, British manufacturer Dualit produces a range of high-quality kitchen and catering equipment. Its heavy-duty toasters have become a design classic and a trendsetting household appliance since the 1990s. The first Dualit toaster was released in 1952 with six slots and a manual eject lever. A range of cutting-edge Dualit 4-slice toasters, 3-slice and 2-slice toasters are on the market today.


A Dualit toaster differs from others on the market in that it features a patented ProHeat element with an armour-plated design to help shield them from damage. They are meticulously hand-built with each part carefully held together by screws, making the toasters robust and durable, while being easy to disassemble and repair if necessary. You can even see who built your toaster with their name detailed on the base plate.

Greater Service Life

Because Dualit toasters are easy to disassemble and their parts are readily available, they tend to have a longer service life than other electronically-controlled toasters. Unlike most appliances that are disposed of when breaking down, a Dualit toaster is an investment for life and a stylish addition to any kitchen.

Solid Design

Many Dualit toasters with a crumb tray are designed for the rough and tumble of commercial kitchens with a solid engineering quality. Energy-efficient slot selectors allow you to only toast what you need, while the mechanical timer gives you control over your toasting preferences and cooling slots at both ends allow it to be used for extensive periods. A high-lift mechanism ensures you can remove small items with ease and an adjustable rear foot means the toaster can even be mounted on uneven surfaces.

Stand Out

Rather than an auto pop-up mechanism that features on most modern toasters, Dualit toasters have a manual ejector lever so you can check your bread while toasting. They are available in a whole range of different colours that can be paired with Dualit's Classic Kettles, including a new copper toaster.

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