Build and tone muscle with a set of dumbbells

When looking for dumbbells to buy, it is essential to consider the differing types. They can be made of vinyl, iron, rubber, and chrome and are often coated with a non-slip vinyl to maximise grip.

Dumbbells are single weights that can be used individually or in pairs for strength training. They help build overall muscle strength and can be used for exercises to target each muscle group, develop bone density, and improve fitness. They can come in round or hex shapes. They can be used alone or with a strength training bench, for use in the home gym.

Adjustable dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells come with a bar and a set of different weighted plates, letting you customise the amount of weight, perfect for swapping up your exercises. These dumbbell sets are secured with a clip to ensure the plates don't fall off when training.

Fixed weight dumbbells

Fixed weight dumbbell sets feature dumbbells in various weights, so you can select the right weight for your exercise.

Weight plates and barbell sets

Barbell sets are used by the most experienced bodybuilders and weightlifters. They feature a longer rod that can hold more weight, giving you more workout options in your home gym.

Whilst weight machines are still an important part of any strength training routine, they do not offer the same benefits as free weights which are more effective in producing overall muscular strength and power as they allow a far wider range of exercises.

Unlike weight machines, barbells and free weights are less expensive and take up less space. Any fixed weight sets or barbells take up more room in your home gym, so make sure you have enough room to store them.

The different types of free weights available for barbells are standard and Olympic. Standard weights are smaller in comparison to Olympic weights and are ideal for beginners.

Olympic weights are larger than standard weights and have a maximum weight load up to 750 kg, letting you truly maximise the potential of your gym.