Dummy Mobile Phones

Dummy mobile phones are phones that look exactly like a normal phone, but they just don't work like one. Dummy phones have the same casing and shell as a branded mobile phone but lack the internal electronics. These phones appear in mobile and electronic stores and at trade shows to show customers what a certain type of phone looks and feels like and that the model is available for purchase.

Stopping Theft

Using a dummy mobile phone in store or trade show displays is ideal to combat against theft. Using a real working phone as a display model can be all too appealing for thieves who could easily swipe the phone when sales people are attending to other customers. Dummy phones can allow you to show customers what phones look like and let them hold it in their hand while you keep the real merchandise safely locked away in your store room or cupboards.

Dummy Phone Models

Pretty much any smartphone has a dummy model available. Mobile manufacturers know that dummy phones are a popular way to showcase smartphones available for purchase, so they produce a number of dummy models for retailers to use. You may be able to find dummy models in different colours, depending on the brand.

Great for Movies and TV

Mobile phones are featured a lot in movies and TV programmes, and generic dummy phones are an excellent choice for this use. Since you don't need to actually make or receive calls, having a phone that just looks like it's real is all you need. You also don't need to worry about dropping it or damaging it in anyway.

Great for Kids to Play With

Dummy mobile phones are not only useful for store displays, but kids can use them to in their game playing. Children these days absolutely love playing with their parent's phones, and even young babies are grabbing for them out of their parent's hands. If your child loves pretending to talk on the phone, why not get them a dummy phone that looks and feels exactly like a smartphone, but you don't have to worry about them dropping or breaking it. You can also use a smartphone for teaching life skills like how to answer and make calls on a phone in case of a home emergency.