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Dunlop Guitar Picks

Since Jim Dunlop first patented his guitar pick, the company has produced many high-quality picks for all levels of players. Building consistency into each and every product line, these picks continue to be musicians favourites, but they are also suitable for beginners. Without a pick, it is almost impossible or painful to play an electric guitar, so it is worth a while to learn more about the famous Dunlop picks to find one that fits your needs.

Dunlop Guitar Pick Materials

For a long time, tortoiseshell used to be the holy grail of guitar picks. However, this meant killing turtles and even pushing some species to the edge of extinction, so this material is now illegal to use. Therefore, Dunlop invented a material called Tortex, which is harder than nylon and more durable than celluloid. Many world famous bands, such as Metallica and Nirvana, used the Tortex picks after its initial release. Other popular materials for Dunlop picks include high-tech plastic Ultex and Delrin. Moreover, Dunlop also makes flexible nylon picks and metal picks that produce an extremely bright tone.

Dunlop Guitar Pick Thicknesses

The thickness of a guitar pick is a very important factor to consider because this determines how they make the guitar sound and how they feel in your hand. Some Dunlop picks are as thin as 0.63mm, while the Big Stubby, for instance, is 3.0 mm. The thicker the pick, the warmer the sound. The thinner the pick, the brighter the sound.

Dunlop Guitar Pick Shapes

Most Dunlop guitar picks have the familiar standard shape and they look a bit like the heart. The tip could be either sharp for better accuracy or bevelled to allow for smoother playing. Some Dunlop standard picks, such as the Tortex III, also have a pointed tip. Thus, they are easy to hold and provide great control. The shark fin shape plays in several in different ways. In addition to playing it like a standard pick when using the round edge, you could also use its wavy edge to create interesting sound effects.