Ride the streets in vintage style with Dyno 

When people say they don't make them like they used to, they're talking about DYNO. A big name in BMX back in the late 1980s and 1990s, DYNO bikes were favoured by some of the era's greatest riders, such as Dave Mirra and BMX Hall-of-Famer Dave Voelker. Founded in 1982 by Bob Morales, the company was sold to GT Bicycles in 1985, but the bikes retained the DYNO name. Accessories, frames and even clothing and shoes were produced by the brand. In 2001, the DYNO brand was absorbed into Pacific Cycle, and bicycle manufacturing under the name DYNO ceased three years later. You can't find a DYNO bike in stores today, but with eBay, you don't you have to miss out. 

Whether you're into mountain biking, motocross or road cycling, eBay's range of DYNO bikes has something for you - although BMX is where their designs really shine. Smooth and strong, these bikes are great for both professionals and those just starting out. The DYNO Freestyle models are particularly good for beginners with a passion for motocross. Strong hi-ten steel frames keep you sturdy, with low platform pedals and powerful U-brakes making it a reliable cruiser for learning new tricks. This is just one of many models that you can find on eBay, each boasting superior strength and sleek style - not to mention 360 rotors on their handlebars. You'll not only master all the tricks, but you'll also look great doing it. And for those who've found their perfect DYNO but need to add a few touch-ups, there's also plenty of spare parts available - including pedals, front forks and chrome handlebars with the iconic DYNO shape. 

Of course, before they sold bikes, DYNO began by selling racing gear and bike plates. Lucky BMX superfans can still track down these iconic pieces of merchandise with eBay. They're great as collectables, or as the perfect accessory for any nostalgic DYNO rider. 

Find these rare DYNO bikes and all their accessories in excellent condition and at amazing prices on eBay.