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Replacing your Dyson vacuum head

Has your Dyson vacuum head been broken or misplaced? Replace it with the best. Browse eBay's selection of Dyson heads and get back to quick and easy cleanups.

The Dyson brand is known for it's superior suction in vacuum cleaners, powerful cooling ability in fans, and state-of-the-art technologies. While Dyson carries a range of products, some of their most popular are their Dyson vacuum cleaners, which make cleaning your home quicker, easier, and more efficient. Because they are equipped with swivel technology, you can zip around your carpets or hard floors more quickly, and because most Dyson vacuums are bagless, you never have to worry about replacing your vacuum bag. Many of Dyson's vacuums are equipped with several different pieces that can be separated and put back together depending on how you'd like to use your vacuum. Though Dyson vacuum heads are known to be durable, it's always possible that they may need to be replaced. It's important to replace your vacuum head with another Dyson head to ensure you can use your machine to the best of its ability.

There are a number of benefits to purchasing a Dyson vacuum head. One of these benefits is the ball technology that Dyson have implemented in many of their newer models. Rather than positioning the vacuum head on four wheels, Dyson have re-thought tradition vacuum structure and have placed the vacuum head on a ball. This allows for a huge range of movement and swivel, making it much easier to reach into corners, follow along curved walls, and increase maneuverability. This makes a huge difference when you have large areas to clean, and you'll find your work done much faster with this vacuum head technology.

Another benefit to the Dyson vacuum head is its ability to vacuum on both hard floors and carpets. While most of the Dyson vacuum's ability to maintain strong suction has to do with what Dyson refers to as 'cyclone technology,' a part of this superior suction comes from a well-crafted vacuum head that performs well on all surface types. You'll be thankful for this feature when you move from hard floors to carpets or rugs seamlessly without any loss in function or suction.

The Dyson vacuum head is one of the most important pieces in your Dyson vacuum. If you need a new Dyson head to keep your cleaning fast and easy, then check out eBay's collection of vacuum heads to find the right model for you.