E-City Bikes

E-City Bike Electric Bicycles

The E-City Bike electric bicycles have a lot to offer for those in search of easy, affordable and eco-friendly modes of transportation. If you are concerned about your carbon emission footprint or simply want to enjoy a leisure bike ride though uneven terrain, these e-bikes provide an excellent solution. Choosing the right e-bike, involves careful consideration of its main features, the highest of which is likely the motor itself.

How Powerful Does a Motor Need to Be on an Electric Bike?

Electric bikes generally fall within three categories:

  • 250 Watts or Fewer
  • Between 250 and 400 Watts
  • More than 400 Watts

For short distance recreational rides on flat terrain, a unisex adult E-city bike of up to 250 Watts should be sufficient. If you are looking for an electric commuter bike that assists you on longer journeys, choosing closer to 400 Watts would be a wise move. Over 500 Watts, the models are usually well suited for long rides through terrain that has a lot incline to overcome.

Does Rider Weight Affect Performance?

All weight affects performance when it comes to motor-assisted pedalling. This includes the weight of the rider, the weight of anything else transported on the bike, yyy as well as the weight of the bike itself. A steel frame E-City bike versus an aluminium frame model with the same power surely is slower.