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ELLIATT launched in 2011 after Katie Pratt worked with several fashion brands across Australia. It was this work that allowed her to find a gap in the market for the unique womenswear that she creates epitomising modern femininity. Pratt believed deeply in her brand and launched it from her home. The brand specialises in laces, embroidery, and unique fabrications that specialise in fine detailing. ELLIATT takes traditional feminine shapes and pairs them with modern embellishments that are synonymous with ELLIATT. 

While ELLIATT was initially focused on creating occasion wear for the social scenes of Melbourne and Sydney. Things have changed since then, today ELLIATT has grown globally and you will find it stocked in over a thousand boutiques and six continents. The flagship store opened in one of China’s luxury malls and since then, they have featured at fashion weeks, including New York Fashion Week, Shanghai Fashion Week, several throughout Australia. 

ELLIATT Dresses for Women 

A striped exhibition dress wouldn’t look out of place at the Melbourne Cup. It’s slick and stylish, and all you need is the right accessories to fit right in. Of course, you can wear one of these dresses just about anywhere – again, it’s all about the accessories. A Venetian dress is breezy and cool. In any colour, it’s an excellent item of clothing to carry you to garden parties, the races, lunch with friends or even on date night. If you want something for a formal event or perhaps a cocktail evening, then the Venus dress is a perfect choice. 

ELLIATT offers plenty of dress options for big nights out on the town, too. The muse sleeved dress is a stunning item of clothing. This midi dress wouldn’t be out of place at a formal dinner event, but it’s perfect for dates, cocktails, and nights out with friends. It really is a beautiful dress that you can dress up or down with the right accessories. It’s up to you how you wear it, but it’s a versatile purchase that will serve a variety of needs. 

ELLIATT Skirts for Women

Not every woman loves wearing dresses. There is good news for you! ELLIATT also offers a wide range of skirts. That includes exhibition skirts designed in the same style as the dress we discussed above. This skirt can be worn to work with a crisp, white blouse. Or, it can be paired with a silk blouse and taken to the races! 

Many of the skirts on offer from ELLIATT can be paired with tops and blouses to match. This creates the illusion of a dress, but you can easily mix and match to create numerous outfits with just these two items of clothing. ELLIATT skirts are a welcomed addition to any wardrobe, especially if you’re trying to build a capsule. You need versatile clothing that goes with anything and everything, and that’s what you get with ELLIATT skirts

A kaleidoscope chain skirt can be paired with heels and a button-up making it ideal for wearing to work. When the workday ends, swap the button-up for a breezy blouse and you’re ready to meet your friends for dinner and drinks. Do you love going dancing? The Felice skirt is your perfect match. Are you always looking for the perfect skirt to wear to the beach? A floral skater skirt is the right choice. An embroidered skirt is ideal for cocktails and parties. While, if you want a versatile skirt you can wear for everything and wear everywhere, then an elements skirt is an excellent option. 

ELLIATT Tops for Women

Now that you have had time to shop the stunning skirts from ELLIATT, it’s time to peruse the tops that will complete your outfit. A lace vest top doesn’t have to be a casual option. While it’s a great option to enjoy garden barbecues, it’s also suitable for fancier events when paired with the perfect skirt. If you want to kick it up a notch, then a castings lace top is the perfect formal choice. 

Keep it cool with a camisole top. Choose a high neck vest to pair with suit pants. It’s the perfect outfit for work and when you shrug your blazer on over it, you can still keep a bit cool and beat the heat. You don’t need to forfeit comfort to achieve fashion. 

ELLIATT Pants for Women

Opulent trousers can be the statement piece you’ve been looking for. With a bright colour, you can grab attention easily and simply match the rest of your outfit and accessories to that piece. If a bright colour isn’t a big enough statement for you, then consider a floral Jacquard pant. You can pair them with a plain white shirt and a matching jacket or take the outfit in a different direction. It’s up to you. 

ELLIATT pants for women are every bit as unique as the dresses, skirts, and tops that they design. Often, we view pants and coats as functional items of clothing that can’t be as edgy or cool as other pieces. That just isn’t the case. ELLIATT stocks a variety of pants that can stand alone as a statement piece. You’re sure to find your perfect match. 

ELLIATT Coats, Jackets, & Vests for Women

Whether you’re looking for a parka, a blazer, belted trench coat or just a simple jacket to cover up, ELLIATT has you covered. ELLIATT stocks a wide range of jackets, coats, and vests. If you’ve always wanted a leather jacket, then you can buy an ELLIATT leather jacket. If you need a simple trench coat, you can have that, too. There really isn’t any style that ELLIATT doesn’t cover. The cape blazer is one of the most stylish options and it’s versatile, too.

ELLIATT clothing helps you exude confidence. When you wear it, you are going to stand up straighter, walk with pep in your step, and more importantly, you are going to look and feel great. It’s a recipe for success and luckily for you, you can shop the full range on eBay.