EMF Meters & Gaussmeters

EMF Gaussmeters

Exposure to low levels of electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, may cause depression, headaches, nausea and other health ailments, while high level exposure may cause cancer or leukaemia in children. If you have concerns about unhealthy levels of EMFs in your home or workplace, consider using a gaussmeter, which is also commonly known as an EMF meter, to measure the strength of magnetic fields in your environment. There are different types available on the market that can help you gather information to determine if you are at risk for illness due to radiation exposure.

Single-axis EMF Meters

Reliable radiation detectors can help you learn if EMFs are present in a space, and EMF meters function by measuring electromagnetic fields created by alternating current. A single-axis EMF meter is an affordable device that can measure EMF in one direction, and a user must turn the detector over to read the data it records. You can gather readings on household products that emit low-level EMFs, which include mobile phones, computers, and small electrical devices, or products that cause high-level radiation exposure, such as microwave ovens.

Triple-axis EMF Meters

Triple-axis EMF gaussmeters are usually more expensive than single-axis models and give accurate EMF readings no matter how you hold the instrument. These high-performance industrial test meters and detectors feature three bars placed in different orientations to measure EMFs. The readings from the three bars produce an accurate composite number of the EMF level you measure.

Digital Gaussmeters

Radiation levels captured by industrial test meters and detectors should be able to read measurements of at least 100 milligauss or greater to detect high-level EMFs. A digital gaussmeter can give quick and accurate readings. Some users prefer using a digital device because it may have a more modern-looking design.

Analogue Gaussmeters

An analogue EMF meter has a somewhat old-fashioned design but gives readings that are as accurate as those obtained by a digital model. When moving through your home or workplace to obtain EMF radiation readings, an analogue instrument can be highly responsive. These meters use an indicator needle that moves when taking an EMF reading.