Don't fight dirty; enjoy eBay's ENJO chemical-free options instead! 

Dusty surfaces; sticky plates that need a bit of work before they go into the dishwasher; dirty floors that take a beating from the kids, the dogs and the Australian weather; you need some help if you're going to keep your home spiffy all year round. Enter ENJO. 

ENJO cleaning and housekeeping supplies from eBay are good, quality products made from good, quality stuff. While some might feel the need to turn to chemicals and other concoctions to get rid of tricky marks and messes, ENJO prides itself on chemical-free cleaning products. 

The ENJO ethos 

ENJO wants to refresh the way you clean. The company was created in Austria in 1984 with a dedication to producing fibre cleaning products that can do the job without adding chemical components to the mix. After starting with kitchen cleaning supplies, the company expanded to other household goods before producing car care and other outdoor pieces. 

eBay is your one-stop online shop for all your ENJO goodies. ENJO mops and brooms save your back and make cleaning the floors a smoother experience. And having a stack of ENJO cleaning cloths and gloves makes everything from washing up time after dinner to tackling big spills a less daunting experience. You can even find other everyday items, such as reusable coffee cups, makeup removers and more all made with the ENJO chemical-free commitment. Check out eBay today and stock up on guilt-free ENJO cleaning products that are good for not only you and your immediate environment but also the greater environment in which we all live.