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Activate a beacon in a life threatening situation to assist rescue teams in locating you. Note that in Australia, beacon registration is mandatory, and often can be done online at no additional cost. The first thing to look for is 48 hours of continuous operation after it has been activated. This is a minimum number. You'll want to ensure it meets Australian Standards AS/NZS 4280.1 and AS/NZS 4280.2. Be sure to pick an EPIRB 406 that has GPS tracking. This means the alert can be detected within minutes, your location is detecting within 20 minutes, and the precision is within 120 metres. Compare this to non-GPS stats: your alert detected within minutes, your location detected within 90 minutes to five hours, and the precision within five kilometres.

When it comes to emergency locators, it's always best to hope you never need one. But, of course, it's always best to be prepared. Distress beacons not only save lives, sometimes they're required by law. Whether you're an adventurer, avid boater, or other outdoors type, it's always best to carry your own distress beacon. eBay great range of signals can give you some peace of mind when you set out on your next adventure.

Different types of beacons

The Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) 406, is great for maritime use. It can also be used for land or air, but can be more bulky if you're attempting to transport it with you. In most Australian states, EPIRBs are required for boats that travel more than two nautical miles from the coast. A Personal Land Beacon (PLB) is another option for maritime use, although they are better suited for land as they're easily transportable and do not always meet the carriage requirements for boats. You can also check out eBay's great range of boat distress beacons to see alternate options. Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELT) are typically designed for aircraft, although EPIRB or PLB beacons can also be used in aircraft.

What to look for when buying an EPIRB 406

EPIRB 406 beacons are designed to stay with your vehicle or boat. You may want to look at additional PLBs to provide safety if you become separated from your vehicle. Whatever the EPIRB 406 beacon for you and your adventures, get off to a flying start right here on eBay.

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