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ESCADA Moon Sparkle Fragrances for Women

Retro style, modern fragrance

Escada’s range of women’s fragrances have a distinctly retro feel when you look at their packaging; however, the fragrances themselves are far from outdated. This is a funky brand that offers fresh, energetic and feminine fragrances that women love. They’ve been producing cool perfumes for modern women since 1990, and in that time we’ve seen some great collections that many women love to wear every day of the year.

One of those ranges is the Moon Sparkle collection. This Eau de Toilette spray for women was released in 2007, and can actually be a little challenging to find these days. However, it’s eBay to the rescue with plenty of Moon Sparkle by Escada available.

Moon Sparkle Eau de Toilette

Inspired by the moon, Escada’s Moon Sparkle Eau de Toilette for women is a vibrant, yet calming scent. Overall, it is a sweet scent, relying heavily on fruity notes. You’ll first notice the strawberry, black currant, citrus and red fruits. The middle notes are sweet pea, freesia, jasmine and rose. The floral centre works beautifully to offset the fruity top notes, as well as the base notes of raspberry, musk, amber and sandalwood.

Not overpowering, yet fresh and distinct, Moon Sparkle offers a great daily-wear perfume, and that’s one of the things many women love about it. In fact, many sweet perfumes are a turn-off for some women, because the scent can be so bold. But Moon Sparkle tones it down just right, so you get the gorgeous fruit aroma without the over-the-top sweetness.

Discontinued stock

Sadly, Moon Sparkle isn’t being produced anymore, with the Escada company moving on to newer products lines. However, if you love Moon Sparkle and can’t find it on the shelves at your local store, there is always one place you can find it. eBay of course! You can find a variety of bottle sizes here, 50ml and 100ml being the most popular. But if you love the fragrance, you might want to act fast before it becomes a collectors’ item!