Go electric with EVH

Electric guitar and musical instrument manufacturer, Peavey Electronics, collaborated with electric guitar virtuoso Eddie Van Halen, to create the EVH Wolfgang range of electric guitars, amplifiers such as the EVH 5150, and accessories, such as the EVH D-Tuna Drop D Tuning System. They were designed to produce Van Halens signature sound from a production model guitar and stock pickups, rather than the heavily modified guitars cobbled together by the musician himself.

Including the noted EVH Striped Series, these boast features such as maple necks, basswood bodies, maple fingerboards, and maple tops. Other premium features include Humbucker Pickups, and Floyd Rose tremolos.


Contrary to some theories, the Wolfgang line was not named for famed composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, at least not directly. The guitar line is named after Eddie Van Halens son, Wolfgang.

The Peavey EVH Wolfgang

The original Peavey EVH guitar, this model had a carved top, volume and tone knobs, dual EVH-designed Humbucker pickups, and Schaller M6 tuners. It was available either with a solid basswood base, or a solid basswood with maple cap version.

The Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special

This was a version of the classic Wolfgang at a lower price point, first sold in 1998. It had a flat top, a single volume knob, dual Humbucker pickups, the Floyd Rose tremolo, and came with the D-Tuna Drop D tuning system installed. They came in a variety of finishes.

The Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special Deluxe Edition

Between 2002, and 2004, there was an officially licensed EVH Wolfgang Custom Shop. Less than 500 EVH Wolfgang Special Deluxe Editions were produced, making them real collectors items.

The Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special EXP

Also only produced from 2002 to 2004, this was a Korean made Wolfgang. It was not marked differently, but did have a few unique features. The neck had no graphite reinforcement, and had a satin poly finish. It featured a quilt maple veneer top, and was offered only in transparent sunburst, maroon, blue and amber.