Ear Wax Removers

Ear Wax Removers

Ear wax is something that we all create as a natural bodily function; however, for some of us, ear wax production might feel like more than the regular amount. In the past, people suffered from excess ear wax that led to hearing problems, infection and discomfort or had to wait until a doctor's visit to have the problem solved. However, there are now many new ear care products available from ear wax removal tools to electronic wax removers that allow you to get the job done safely and easily at home.

Ear Wax Tools and Accessories

If you prefer to keep your ears clean using simple tools, there are many that do exactly that. The most common type of ear wax tool is stainless steel and features a small curette design on the end that allows you to remove the built up wax without getting too deep into the ear canal and causing damage. Rubber ear swabs offer another hygienic way to remove wax from your ears that can be safer and softer than cotton buds.

Ear Wax Syringes

To help remove stubborn wax you might want to consider an ear wax syringe. These devices are common tools for health professionals to help clear blockages and lodgements of the ear, helping even to soften wax that might be trapped. These syringes come in either reusable or one time applications, depending on how often you might like to use them.

Electronic Ear Wax Removers

To take the hard work out of ear wax removal there are also electronic ear wax removers available. These battery operated devices use a gentle suction to remove the wax from your ear and don't go too far into the ear canal in order to protect your eardrum.

Complete Ear Wax Removal Kits

There are brands that make complete ear wax removal kits, which give you more than just one method of removing stubborn wax. These can include items like saline spray, ear drops, a curette tool, syringe and suction tools which mean they're ideal for those with excess wax or ears that are to get clean with just one method alone.