Keep your jewellery sorted with earring boxes from eBay

From small studs to expensive gold earrings and family heirlooms, protect your fine jewellery in a secure earring box. It’s always good to keep earrings separate from other items, due to their small and delicate nature. So even if you own jewellery holders and organisers, you’ll benefit from a separate enclosure for these precious items. Choose from delicate velvet boxes or other jewellery boxes and organisers and even presentation boxes for gifts.

Compact box for travel

There’s nothing more annoying than losing an earring in transit. Now you don’t have to with a travel size jewellery box. Small enough for all your essentials but not too small to lose, the neat package measures 10x10x5cm. This is a great size for taking away at least four pairs of earrings and a couple of rings, too. Choose from black, pink, red and white designs, each offset with attractive pink box cushioning.

Storage solutions

Never step on a stud again with a transparent jewellery display box holder. This handy box is ideal for keeping at home or storing away in drawers. With 36 slots for earrings, it’s a smart way of keeping pairs together.

Stunning presentation boxes

Gifts always look better wrapped up. When it comes to stylish presentation boxes, eBay has an impressive selection for every occasion. Velvet square boxes in plush black or rich red always make a statement. Or why not add a touch of personality with an oyster-style earring box – perfect for storing pearls in for the mermaid in your life!

Stay organised

The best way to keep earrings in one place is with an earring organiser. No more lost studs or tangled up items. One of the most popular is the velvet jewellery display organiser box which comes in tray-holder style. With its transparent cover, it’s easy to peer in and keep everything in once place. There are many other available in different materials, too. Find one today on eBay and keep your precious pieces safe and organised.