Make your own healthy yogurt with EasiYo on eBay. 

Think making yogurt at home is difficult? Think again! With EasiYo yogurt makers you can make your own incredibly delicious and very healthy yogurt in just three easy steps. A New Zealand-owned and operated company, EasiYo yogurt is 100% natural - you won't find a single artificial flavour, colour or preservative. it's also packed with billions of live cultures and probiotics for digestive wellbeing, and since the fresher yogurt is, the higher the population of live lactic cultures, you know that you're doing the best for your gut by making it at home instead of buying yogurt off the shelf possibly weeks after it was made. Plus, it's rich and creamy with a smooth, thick texture that will have you wanting more. Find EasiYo equipment and flavour sachets right here on eBay. 

The eBay range of EasiYo products includes full sets to get you started. The Classic Red EasiYo yogurt maker makes a kilo of delicious, healthy natural yogurt at a time and includes a one-kilo yogurt jar for easy storage. You can also rest easy knowing that the parts do not contain any polycarbonate, BPA or anti-environmental hormones whatsoever. 

eBay also offers EasiYo packs of extra jars and lunchtakers. These packs contain two extra one-kilo yogurt jars so you can make and store more flavours or larger portions. The packs also include two 250 mil lunchtaker jars, which are perfect to pack in lunchboxes or enjoy on the go. 

And, of course, you'll find a huge selection of flavour mixes to satisfy all cravings. Choose from natural yogurt in classic vanilla or fruity flavours like strawberry, peach, banana and blueberries and cream. There's also a range of low-fat options plus Greek style options including sweetened and unsweetened as well as delicious flavours including rhubarb, raspberry and lemon and honey. 

Give your family an affordable, healthy homemade treat in just a few easy steps thanks to eBay's range of EasiYo products.