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From creating military bags in the 1950’s to 2019, Eastpak have become globally known as a manufacturer of reliable, durable, and above all fashionable bags of all kinds. From purses and wallets to heavy duty luggage and everything in between, Eastpak have got you covered for all your bag, backpacks and accessories.

From the basic and functional to the high-fashion collaborations with world-renowned designers, Eastpak hold great appeal to people from all walks of life. So, whether you just need a durable and safe bag to carry your laptop or whether you want to make a statement about your unique personality with a quirky shoulder bag, start browsing the impressive range of bags from Eastpak today!

Quality and variety

When you’re going to invest in a new bag of any sort, there’s a few things you need to think about. Obviously, you want it to look great, but more importantly it needs to be reliable. Backpacks, shoulder bags, handbags – we put them through a bit of a rough time, so we need them to stand up when it counts.

Fortunately, Eastpak manufacture high quality products that are built to last. They started making military bags, and then backpacks for college students. We’re not sure which group would have put their bags through the most wear and tear, but we do know that Eastpak bags stand up to the challenge.

The range is also extremely accessible for everyone. Eastpak have some incredible designs, many inspired by collaborations with famous artists and designers – these are definitely the bags you want to check out if you’re looking for something a little different. But on the flip side, they make plenty of products that just get their job done. Laptop bags, briefcases, messenger bags, handbags, shoulder bags and backpacks, Eastpak do it all, and there’s a stack of great styles to match your own personal preference.

Eastpak men’s bags and briefcases

Eastpak men’s bags and briefcases offer something for the modern man who doesn’t need anything flashy – he just wants a purpose-built bag that will do the job it needs to. Whether it’s messenger bags, backpacks, shoulder bags or even bum bags, there’s a lot to choose from here. Made from the best quality materials such as denim, leather, canvas, polyester and nylon, there’s a bag to suit every style.

You’ll also find the modern version of the briefcase – laptop bags. As laptops are such a commonly carried item, there’s even backpacks that are specifically made with extra padding to safely secure your laptop when only a backpack style will do. And for tough, reliable duffle bags and overnight bags, you’d be hard pressed to find better quality than Eastpak. When you need a bag that’s really going to last the distance, check out the Eastpak range today.

Messenger/Shoulder Bags

Messenger bags are one of the more popular style of bags these days, because they’re created with busy lifestyles in mind. When you don’t want the bulk of a backpack, but you need a bit of space to carry around your necessities, over-the-shoulder messenger bags are all the rage. Coming in both simple colour patterns and some more colourful designs, Eastpak messenger bags are made for the person on the go.

Common laptop bags don’t really fit anything else in them except a laptop, and this is why Eastpak messenger bags are so great. They’ll carry your laptop, but there’s plenty of room for other important items without being too bulky or heavy. Whether you’re cycling or walking, messenger bags are a terrific unisex option that let you down.

Bags and handbags for women

The range of Eastpak bags and handbags for women is as diverse as it is functional. While there’s a host of understated options, such as backpacks, messenger bags and shoulder bags in simplistic designs for a more professional look, there’s also a lot of colour in the mix too.

If you want a splash of colour and vibrancy in your bags, look no further than Eastpak. Every single style of women’s bag is available in unique, funky and trendy patterns that are sure to suit your individual style. From tote bags to messenger bags, handbags to backpacks, Eastpak are bringing quality and versatility. 

For a more high-fashion approach to women’s bags, you can check out the range of collaborations Eastpak have done with artists and designers – this is where the truly unique designs can be found, so if you want to make a statement or stand out from the crowd, you can definitely do it with some of the eye-catching bag styles on offer from Eastpak.

Eastpak backpacks

Since Eastpak started as a backpack manufacturer, it’s little wonder that this is still the flagship of their operations today. Whether it’s backpacks for men or backpacks for women who like a bit of flair in their designs, Eastpak does it all.

Whether you need a backpack for travel, hitting the outdoors, sports or study, Eastpak have something for you in their diverse and expansive range. Even if you just need one for everyday use, you’ll find it here. There are also mini backpacks available, which are a great alternative if you’re not carrying around a huge number of items but like the comfort and convenience of the backpack style.

The other key point about Eastpak is their reliability. They offer a 30-year guarantee on their products. If that isn’t testament to the quality of their manufacturing, we don’t know what is. When you want toughness and durability in a backpack, don’t leave it to chance. Just buy Eastpak!

All the luggage you’ll ever need

Just when you thought there was something Eastpak don’t do, along comes their luggage range. Small suitcases, overnight bags, large suitcases, with wheels or without – Eastpak do it all. There’s also a unique range of shapes and sizes – this isn’t just your average luggage. Purpose built for sport, business, or just a night away, you can find the ideal luggage option for your needs when you shop with Eastpak.

With an emphasis on style and reliability, Eastpak are one of the most respected bag manufacturers in the world for good reason. Get yours today!