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EasyAcc Mobile Phone Chargers, Cradles

EasyAcc Chargers and Cradles

Mobile phone chargers and cradles are some of the most important mobile phone accessories. EasyAcc chargers and cradles work for a wide variety of smartphones and standard mobile phones that use a USB or microUSB charging port. There are also some available with adapters that work for other charger types. EasyAcc makes chargers for your home, as well as on the go, so that you can feel confident that you can keep your phone charged anywhere.

EasyAcc Mobile Phone Wall Chargers

EasyAcc mobile phone wall chargers connect your phone directly to a standard electrical outlet. Some of these chargers feature a short cord so that the phone always stays close to the wall, while others have a longer cord so that you can move around more if you need to continue using your phone while it charges.

EasyAcc Mobile Phone Cradles

EasyAcc mobile phone cradles provide a stand to set your phone on while it charges. Some of them feature multiple slots so that you can charge more than one phone at a time. Some are specifically designed to accommodate certain phone models, while others are more universal and work with nearly any phone that falls within a certain size range.

EasyAcc Mobile Phone Car Chargers

EasyAcc mobile phone car chargers connect directly to the 12V DC power supply that most vehicles have. Most of these chargers work while the car is running or when the car keys are in the ignition. Many of these chargers feature coiled cords. These type of cords typically have a long overall lifespan and you can stretch them out if you need extra length.

EasyAcc Mobile Phone Power Banks

EasyAcc mobile phone power banks work like portable charging packs. You simply charge the power bank ahead of time using a standard wall socket, and then you can charge your phone directly from the bank. Some EasyAcc mobile phone power banks can even charge multiple phones at once.