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Eaton Computer UPS

Protect your power with an Eton UPS

Eton offers a wide range of UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) and backup power systems for individual computers or devices, rack systems, and datacenters throughout Australia.

A UPS provides protection from power cuts, outages and brownouts by automatically switching your critical computer systems from mains power to a battery back-up at the first sign of trouble with your power supply. Not only does this preserve your connectivity over short power interruptions, it delivers enough power for you to shut systems down safely and completely in the face of extended power cuts. This protects active processes and unsaved data, and preventing extended downtimes when the power does come back on.

The Eton brand specialises in intelligent power protection, letting you see with great detail exactly how much backup power your systems are using, and how long they have before your batteries do finally run out. Most include multiple 5-15R receptacles and remote monitoring capabilities. This allows you to view any computer or other connected systems power usage, battery back-up status and ability to operate without mains power from nearly any internet-capable device.

Eaton Rackmount Backup Power Systems

Many businesses who arent quite large enough to require datacenters or server farms use one or more rack-based servers to handle their data and connectivity. Eaton offers rack-mounted UPS systems at several price points and storage capacities. There typically integrate detailed power monitoring systems, so that a technician can see at a glance whether you have sufficient backup power on site, and how long that power is likely to last in an emergency.

Eaton Desktop Backup Power Systems

Tower and PC-type systems are just as vulnerable to power cuts and brownouts as rack servers. A desktop UPS switches your desktop (and any other devices plugged into it) over to battery power if the mains fail. This gives you time to save your progress and shut the computer down safely, preventing the loss of any data or damage to the computer itself.