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With so many different names of fragrances for men, choosing between them can be very confusing. Should you wear eau de parfum, eau de cologne, eau de toilette or just plain aftershave. And what are the differences between them all? As it turns out, the difference is significant, and lies in the formulation and relative strengths of the various ingredients. Straight parfum is the strongest incarnation of any fragrance. Typically, it contains around 20 to 30 percent essential oils and fragrance compounds, followed closely by eau de parfum with around 15 percent, and compared with 10 percent in eau de toilette, 7 percent in eau de cologne and only 1 to 3 percent in aftershaves. So basically, your choice of perfume depends on how long you want it to last as you waft on by. This is known as the sillage of a perfume.

Designer Blends

Though perfumes for men are widely available and quite popular, roughly 80 percent of men don’t wear one on a regular basis, perhaps because it’s so difficult to choose between them. All the major designer brands have their own range of eau de parfum for men and some are quite expensive. But the big brands spend a lot of their budget on marketing to try to win your hard-earned dollars. So, price alone should not be the basis for your choice, as some of the more expensive offerings contain poorly blended mixtures.

The cost of a perfume really comes down to the quality and amounts of the concentrates and essential oils it contains. So, the best rule of thumb when choosing eau de parfum for yourself or the man in your life is to trust your nose. Purchase one from any of the eBay stores and you can shop with confidence that you are getting the genuine article at the best price around.

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