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Get hot with Ed Hardy

It was the year 2002, that’s when Ed Hardy exploded onto the fashion scene. Hardy’s unique style combined tattoo artistry, Japanese art, and American fashion. Don Ed Hardy is a Southern Californian tattoo artist and when he licensed his designs to create fashion, the world changed. In just two years Ed Hardy became one of the most recognized, desired brands of a generation. Today, Ed Hardy continues to be an influential designed and Don Ed Hardy’s art is standing the test of time in art, tattoo design, and the fashion world, too. 

Ed Hardy Men’s T-Shirts

If you love Japanese art and traditional tie-dye, then Ed Hardy t-shirts are the perfect match for you. There’s nothing better than a stylish t-shirt that offers both quality and affordable. The traditional Ed Hardy style features big, in your face designs. You can shop plain solids or opt for tie-dye, dipped or bright colours. 

If you like skulls, bulldogs, eagles, panthers, cowboys, dragons, snakes, and tigers, you will find Ed Hardy caters to your style. Just think of the classic tattoo styles, that’s what Ed Hardy encapsulates. It has brought that style of ink to life as prints on t-shirts. From hellcats to death scenes and beyond, there’s a design for everyone. 

Ed Hardy Women’s Tops and Blouses

When it comes to Ed Hardy women’s tops and blouses, they take a different turn. While there are plenty of traditional Ed Hardy styles available to women, there is so much more. You can opt for a full-on, in your face, punk rock style or opt for one of the more subtle designs. Even if you choose the latter, you will still clearly be sporting the unique Ed Hardy style. You can shop both short-sleeved and long-sleeved Ed Hardy tops and blouses for women. There are a variety of colours, styles, and designs to choose from. An Ed Hardy top or blouse is the perfect statement piece to build your outfit from. 

Ed Hardy Dresses for Women

Ed Hardy dresses for women steer away from the typical fashion we imagine when we hear the name. While many are longer versions of the t-shirts, there are plenty of other options. You will find many of the traditional design, as well as animal prints, chevrons, and beyond. Christian Audigier has created some incredibly dresses for Ed Hardy. You can find an Ed Hardy dress suitable for date night, cocktail parties, and even to wear to work. They really are that versatile and wide-reaching in style and design. Of course, if you’re just looking for a comfortable dress to rock in your daily life, you will find plenty of those to choose from, too. 

Ed Hardy Women’s Coats and Jackets

A love kills softly leather jacket. A slick sheepskin coat with Ed Hardy scrawled across the front. There is a lot to choose from in Ed Hardy women’s coats and jackets. You’ll find duck down puffers, denim, diamantés, studs, and rhinestones. Keep it cool with a leather biker jacket, embrace the vintage with a denim number or take it in another direction with a black blazer. 

Staying warm doesn’t mean forfeiting your style. If fashion is an extension of your personality, it shouldn’t stop at your coat or jacket. Ed Hardy coats and jackets allow you to keep showing who you are, even when it’s cold outside. 

Ed Hardy Jeans for Women

Slim, bootcut, high-rise or otherwise, Ed Hardy offers jeans for women in a style of cuts, fits, and designs. There are those options that feature patches in the traditional Ed Hardy design, but you can opt for a plain pair as well. You can go as big as you want and if you don’t want to go big, that’s okay, you can do that, too. Choose from distressed, dark blue, light blue, and beyond! 

Many of the more popular Ed Hardy jean designs for women feature a patch on the thigh. This has become one of the most common spots for tattoos in recent years. Now, you can show off a design on your jeans, even if you’ve been forced to cover the ink underneath. 

Ed Hardy Clothing for Women

From bikinis to dresses and leggings, Ed Hardy clothing for women covers every area of your body. Ed Hardy clothing comes in machine washable, dry clean only, as well as hand-wash only. Just check the washing instructions before you make your purchase or narrow it down by category. You always want to make sure that the washing instructions make life as easy for you as possible. 

Ed Hardy Jeans for Men

While Ed Hardy jeans for men are similar in design to the women’s jeans, there is one area in which they differ. The more popular designs for men feature designs on the backside and running down the hamstring. Additionally, you’ll find Ed Hardy jeans that feature designs on the back pockets. Sometimes you want a design that everyone will notice, but sometimes a subtle showing off your style is more than enough. 

There’s a range of colours and fits to choose from, whether you prefer slim fit jeans in a distressed style or crisp blue straight leg jeans. Don’t forget to buy the jeans that will best work with the Ed Hardy t-shirt and jacket you want to wear them with. You should opt for one statement piece and build with subtlety around it. 

Ed Hardy Men’s Coats and Jackets

Whether you are looking for a bomber jacket, a snow gilet, puffer or leather jacket, Ed Hardy men’s coats and jackets quite literally have you covered. You will also find velvet blazers, windbreakers, quilted biker jackets, and hoodies, too. There are also plenty of track jackets to choose from if you prefer a light jacket for cooler evenings. 

If you want to bag yourself some Ed Hardy style, you can! You will find a wide range of products from women’s tops and blouses to men’s coats and jackets. Ed Hardy has something for everyone when you shop the range on eBay. What are you looking for?