Educational Baby Toys (0-12 Months)

Educational Baby Toys (0 to 12 Months)

Even from a very young age, children are learning. Finding educational toys for babies from 0 to 12 months can help to foster and encourage this level of learning and development. These toys can be interactive, colourful and creative. From handmade to branded options, individuals will find a wide selection of educational toys to choose from for their young child.

Wooden Educational Baby Toys

Sometimes, simple toys are ideal. When choosing toys for 12-month-old children, you should encourage imaginative play. Wooden blocks are a starting point. Choose wooden toy cars and other items as well. Even items such as wooden rattles can stimulate development and creative growth.

Educational Music Toys for Baby

Even very young children benefit from music. For educational baby toys for those that are under 12 months, consider musical items. Some play music when an action is achieved, such as pushing a button. Others play sound and songs when the child moves. These are ideal as toys for five-month-old children. Toys like musical pianos are fantastic for children a bit older who can interact with them better.

Electronic Baby Toys

Development toys for six month olds often focus on the use of electronics. From interactive play stations to simple toys that light up, they can begin to teach the basics of language. Even children as young as 12 months can respond to requested actions from a toy. Often, it is best for an adult to play alongside children with these toys to ensure safety.

Soft Interactive Baby Toys

At this young age, educational baby toys should be safe to use. Soft toys, interactive stuffed animals or rattles are less likely to cause injury if the child drops them. Soft books and playsets are lighter in weight too, making them easier to manipulate. Choose those with in-built electronic features or very bright colours to help encourage educational development.