Egyptian Collectables

Ornate and authentic Egyptian collectables

Egyptian collectables are designed to look like the valuable treasures that were dug up long ago. On eBay, there is a bonza selection of authentic, and elaborately decorated reproduction pieces to enhance your environment.

Ornamental Egyptian Collectables

Authentic sculptured statue Egyptian collectables are available in a selection of popular designs, including the Anubis Pharaoh hound, the Sphinx, and seated Egyptian cat goddesses. The statues, and sculptures are available in a wide range of designs to complement your decor style.

Museum quality collectables from ancient Egypt are rare. Late period 7th-4th century BC amulets are available in collections of 9 individual pieces.

Original hand-painted collectables are ideal for wall mounted display. The genuine papyrus paper decoration is available in a selection of authentic designs.

Centrepiece sculptured collectables like the Tutankhamun bust, and the winged Isis Goddess of Life, and Love statue are modelled on original designs. The cracking statement pieces can be displayed on a mantelpiece, shelf or table.

Practical Egyptian Collectables

Functional, and practical collectables that add a touch of designer elegance to your living room include handcrafted side tables that are elaborately embellished. The square top side table features pillar legs, and decorative side panels that depict scenes from ancient Egyptian life. The wood, and resin tables are bronze finished, and decorated with gold and silver leaf.

Stash your precious jewellery collection in a pyramid design Egyptian collectable. The resin pyramid trinket box features a hinged lid, and a generous capacity cavity. Choose from a selection of styles and designs.

Collectables that measure 4 in height provide ample storage space for a variety of items. The replica Egyptian sarcophagus is made from wood, and resin, and is elaborately decorated to resemble ancient designs. The freestanding sarcophagus has a hinged door that reveals a shelved storage compartment inside. Choose from King and Queen styles.