Elastic no-tie shoelaces turn any shoes into comfortable slip-ons

Turn any shoes into comfortable slip-ons with easy no-tie elastic shoelaces – even your runners, sneakers, trainers and hiking boots.

About easy no-tie elastic shoelaces

No-tie shoelaces are generally made from super-stretchy silicone that is durable and waterproof and are available in a wide range of styles and colours. They use a locking system to keep them in place. There are even reflective versions for running or walking at night and some versions especially designed for men's leather dress shoes. Many no-tie elastic shoelaces are designed to create a variety of looks depending on how they are threaded through your footwear's eyelets, including crossed patterns, parallel straight lines or a mix of both.

The benefits of no-tie elastic shoelaces

Apart from saving time when getting dressed, no-tie shoelaces can also prevent the inconvenience and potential accidents of shoelaces unravelling while you are walking or playing sport. No-tie elastic shoelaces are also an excellent choice for the elderly, who may have issues with flexibility, balance or mobility and find it difficult and arduous to tie traditional shoelaces and for small children who do not yet have the dexterity to tie their own laces. Also, a quality pair of no-tie elastic shoelaces can add support where you need it by rearranging them in various ways. They're also a boon for athletes as they won't come undone mid-race or mid-game. Finally, no-tie elastic shoelaces can step up your style. Change the colours to suit your outfit and play with different threading arrangements to turn the plainest shoes into eye-catching footwear.

What to look for in no-tie elastic shoelaces

When choosing no-tie elastic shoelaces there are several matters to consider. Firstly, they must be stretchy enough to readily be able to slip your feet into your shoes and have a secure, adjustablelocking system. Also ensure they will fit through the eyelets of the shoes you intend to use them on and are long enough for those particular shoes. Search eBay today.