When it comes to true-blue Australian icons, it's hard not to think of Crocodile Dundee, a koala or kangaroo… and the humble electric BBQ. Putting a slice of sizzling meat with chopped onions on the grill is a favourite pastime, and it's always better when shared with a large crowd of your family and friends.

As the weather gets warmer, eating around the electric BBQ becomes the epitome of outside dining. There's really no better feeling than laughing with friends while eating a sausage wrapped in bread. When you're looking to upgrade your barbeque set before summer rolls around again, consider an electric grill.

Benefits of using an electric grill

There are many benefits to buying an electric grill instead of a gas grill. For one, it can quickly reach cooking temperatures. Due to its size, it can also be used in small spaces or on apartment balconies – this makes it safe to even use inside. Another thing to mention is that an electric grill can be portable and lightweight, so you can take it camping with you or even to your family picnic.

One of the biggest benefits of an electric grill over a gas counterpart is that you will save money. You won't need a propane tank to fill and replace every time you decide to cook. Furthermore, you won't have to hook it up to a gas line. Above all, an electric grill allows for cleaner grilling, so there won't be any smoke or charring. Because of this, it is so easy to clean.

Buy an electric smoker BBQ today from eBay and celebrate what it means to be an Aussie over the sharing of good food. Choose from a variety of brands and styles online to suit your backyard space, and don't forget to invest in a BBQ cover to protect your grill when not in use.