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Electric Bikes

An electric bike is simply a standard bike that uses an electric motor to offer an extra bit of push. Electric bikes can help riders with harder riding conditions, allowing them to climb steep hills more easily, or simply to get where they’re going without arriving all sweaty, hot and bothered. For some riders, electric bikes – also known as e-bikes – provide the perfect form of transport. Electric bikes allow them to get some exercise, take in some fresh air, and get where they’re going without having to deal with traffic jams. But, unlike standard bikes, a little extra help is on offer.   Using an electric bike allows riders to choose just how much help they receive from the motor. Depending on the model, power to the bike’s wheels can either be controlled via a throttle or in the form of pedal assist. While some bikes offer low, medium and high levels of pedal assist, other models feature four or five pedal assist settings. Low pedal assist offers minimal power from the motor, allowing the rider to do most of the work, while medium and high pedal assist offers more power according to the rider’s preference. The amount of assistance on offer will also depend on the size of the motor. It’s best to check the legal requirements before buying, but most e-bikes up to 250W can be used in Australia without a license. 

Buying an Electric Bike

When buying an electric bike, one of the first things to think about is how the bike will be used. Options include electric mountain bikes and electric fat bikes, which are great for off-road, as well as electric hybrid bikes, electric compact or folding bikes, and cargo electric bikes, which provide extra cargo space for transporting items or passengers.   Other important aspects to consider include the size of the motor, the size of the battery, and whether the motor is placed in the front, middle or rear of the bike. The size of the motor can range from 200W and 250W, all the way up to 350W, 500W and 750W. This will determine how fast the bike can go, whether that’s a top speed of 15mph, 16mph, 18mph, 20mph or 25mph. Time to start shopping? eBay has a huge range of electric bikes, with big names like Shimano, Merida, Apollo and Ordica eBike leading the pack. Search by colour, frame size, wheel size and more, to find the perfect electric bike for any use.