electric dog collars

If you've welcomed a new furry addition to your home, you're likely thinking about how to reward good behaviour and correct bad behaviour. You may have already noticed behaviours that you'd like to see eliminated, like excessive barking or food aggression. Electric dog collars can help you train your dog from a distance so that they learn which behaviours are acceptable and which are not.

How do electric dog collars work?

While each electric dog collar is different, they are all collars with an attached mechanism that can be controlled by a remote. Most electric dog collars work by sending a signal from the remote to the collar to give a beep or vibration warning that will deter your dog from continuing their unwanted behaviour.

What can an electric dog collar do for my dog?

The purpose of electric dog collars is to curb stubborn or unwanted behaviours in your dog. These dog collars are especially helpful if your dog has unwanted behaviours that typically happen when your dog isn't at your side, such as running into neighbours' yards or barking while in the garden. With an electric dog collar, your dog will soon learn which behaviours will prompt a small shock or vibration, which will curb the unwanted behaviour. The result is a dog who enjoys good behaviours like walking by your side and waiting calmly for dog food and avoids bad behaviours like excessive barking and running away.

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