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Innovation in electric fencing has brought us electric fence tape, an alternative to electric fence wire that offers both advantages and disadvantages over traditional wired systems. Also known as poly tape, insulator tape or hot tape, electric fence tape is relatively cheap and readily available on eBay in different tape thicknesses, ranging from 12mm all the way up to 40mm and wider.

Benefits of electric fence tape

The first benefit of electric fence tape is aesthetic - with its thickness, tape strands tend to look more structured and rigid than poly wire and are available in a variety of colours, including brown and green to blend in with pastures, or white, red and even fluoro to stand out more and offer humans a visual aid. This also reduces accidental shocks for livestock who can visually identify where the fence boundary is, instead of finding out the hard way.

Electric fence tape is also less dangerous for animals that are at risk of entangling themselves in poly wire, such as horses and goats. Very flexible and easy to install and remove, it makes for great temporary fencing and controlled grazing.

Important considerations

Electric fence tape is not recommended for high wind areas, as it is more susceptible to wind damage than traditional poly wire. As the added thickness usually provides higher resistance than poly wire, electric fence tape is more suitable for short passages of electric fencing to maintain shock effectiveness. This will differ from brand to brand, thickness and composition of the electric tape, so it is important to check listing descriptions and manufacturer websites, or ask sellers for what the maximum recommended distance of a certain tape is, to ensure that tape is suitable for your electric fence application.

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