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While many rural Australians swear by the benefits of an electric fence, you can only count on those benefits if you know the fence is working. An electric fence tester is one way to be sure that your investment in fencing equipment is pulling its weight. The only thing worse than relying on a fence that isn't working is running into one that you thought wasn't working.

Benefits of Electric Fences

Electric fences have a number of benefits when you compare them to other industrial fencing equipment. For one thing, the charge tends to prevent animals from leaning on the fence and pushing it over. That alone can offset the costs of tying your fencing into the mains. Electric fencing also does a better job of keeping pests and vermin out, as well as keeping livestock in.

Types of Electric Fences

While they all need electric fence wire, there are a number of different types of electric fences for different uses. Permanent fences are a good choice to protect pens, or livestock that doesn't go far. Portable fences are lighter, but you can move them as your stock grazes, so you can keep in control without having to fence every square metre of property. You can also retrofit your existing fence with offset electric fencing to keep your cows from leaning on it.

How Electric Fences Work

The idea behind an electric fence is simple: you run a series of conductive wires around the area you want to protect. Each wire attaches to the posts by an insulator. You have an energiser at one end, and a series of Earthing stakes along the length of the fence. Most energisers run off the mains, but you can also get solar or battery-powered ones for other applications.

Using Fence Testers

Using a fence tester is simple, you connect one conductor to Earth and the other to the wire you are testing; then just read the metre. Always be careful not to touch the fence directly, as you do not want it to Earth directly through your body. Wet surfaces are excellent conductors, so be extra careful in wet conditions.