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Other Electric Fence Wire

Are you looking for fencing equipment to keep your livestock or animals contained? You can find a whole range of different electric poly tape and other industrial fencing equipment that is easy to install and maintain. There are a number of different types of fencing equipment on the market with each having its own benefits for particular situations.

Electric Poly Tape

One of the main advantages of electric poly tape is that it is highly visible and available in a range of colours to suit your conditions. Select a white poly tape that will stand out against green vegetation or a brown tape if your paddocks are prone to snow. Electric poly tape is also incredibly strong and can withstand all weather conditions, and it won't rust even after years of use. Electric poly tape is available in different widths to suit your application and the wind conditions at your paddocks.

Electric Wire Fencing

High-tensile electric wire fencing is a great option if you are planning on constructing permanent fences over large areas. It is available in either galvanised steel or aluminium, both of which are strong, durable and low maintenance. High-tensile electric wire fencing is ideal for containing slow animals, but is not good for fast-moving livestock that may encounter serious injury if they run into the fence at high speed.

Retrofit/Offset Electric Fences

If you already have a permanent fence set up that you want to protect, consider investing in a retrofit/offset electric fence. They are an economical and easy-to-install option and ideal for controlling feral or native animals from accessing your paddocks. Keep your livestock protected from kangaroos, wild dogs and pigs without having to install a whole new fence.

Electric Fence Testers

Do you need to find shorts or faults in your electric fence? Invest in an electric fence tester and other fencing equipment to ensure it's working to protect your valuable livestock. Thunderbird, Gallagher and Daken all manufacture high-quality light volt meters, ensuring you can test your electric fence safely.

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