Fondue Sets

Stepping up your host or hostess skills is easy when you bring a set of fondue pots to the party. In addition to being great gadgets for entertaining, guests love being able to create and eat treats in a fun and delightful way. Consider some of these fondue sets for your next gathering and join in on the fun.

Unbranded Fondue Sets

One common error that many people make is thinking that the only good fondue pots in existence are those that have brand names. There is also a great deal of unbranded fondue sets that have the same features and characteristics of brand name models. It is a good idea to research any product that you are unfamiliar with before making a purchasing decision. Researching fondue sets gives you all the information you need to find a model that fits your exact needs.

Collectable Forks

Fondue sets usually come with a pot and a heat source that keeps the food warm; however, not all fondue pots come with accessories like fondue forks. Fondue is fun and utensils, like forks, can be fun as well when you choose collectable forks for fondue pots. Impress your guests by choosing great forks from a wide variety of styles that are fun to use as well as fun to collect.

Ceramic Chocolate Fondue Sets

It is hard to go wrong when you invite chocolate to the party. Ceramic chocolate fondue sets are often smaller than other types of fondue sets. Small ceramic pots are better at keeping the pot warm enough so that the chocolate stays gooey and easy to use for dipping treats. Ceramic chocolate fondue pots commonly include the ceramic pot, a base to use with a tea light, and a set of fondue forks or skewers.

Electric Fondue Sets

Electric fondue sets are often larger than chocolate fondue sets, which make this style an ideal one for large gatherings. Electric fondue sets include a base that heats up using various heat settings, and the base is often warm enough to heat or melt items directly in the pot. Some of the most popular electric fondue sets are also dishwasher-safe, which makes cleanup a breeze.