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Spend your weekends on the green but don't want to cart your clubs around by hand? An electric golf cart could do all the hard work for you, so you can just focus on getting a hole in one! Not only made for golf courses, these carts are used by people in retirement villages, on large work sites and resorts. Electric golf carts can take you places that a car cannot, however they can only travel short distances. If you need to travel a long distances or have a very large property, a small aeroplane might be an option.

Before you start looking for a golf cart, you must consider whether you want a cart powered by gas or an electric golf cart. The electric golf carts are quite popular because they have quiet engines, cost less to run, are better for the environment and need less maintenance. However, an electric golf buggy will have much less power than a gas golf cart, electric engines have around 3hp to 5hp depending on the model. While electric golf buggy engines are far superior in a variety of ways, they often must be recharged after a full days use. If you want a golf cart that can be used for multiple days, browse gas powered carts.

Once you've selected your engine type, you can choose the size of your electric golf buggy. These small vehicles range in size from one seater golf buggy to 4 seaters. Like most things your golf buggy will last longer if it is stored inside and out of the weather, so take your storage options into account when choose what size electric golf kart to buy.

If you live in an area with poor weather, consider buying a electric golf buggy with a windshield to protect yourself from the rain and provide safety. Or, if you live somewhere that gets hot days often, be careful with what seat material you choose so that riding is comfortable no matter the weather.

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