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Electric Guitar & Bass Strings

Electric Guitar and Bass Strings

You can maintain your electric guitar or bass by changing out the strings as needed, because when bass strings break, adding new ones can improve the sound quality of your instrument. Most musical instruments require some form of maintenance, and an electric guitar is much like an acoustic guitar in this way. Playing for extended periods with your fingers or a guitar pick can wear out strings and eventually cause them to weaken and break, but fortunately, many companies make electric guitar strings as well as strings for bass guitars.

Which Brands Make Guitar Strings?

Many music brands make strings for guitars, and these include DAddario, Dunlop, Dean Markley, Fender, Elidir and Gibson. You can typically purchase strings in packets of two or three, or you can purchase multipacks. You can also mix and match single strings to provide a custom sound, though its wise to ensure youre buying the right string gauge to fit your particular guitar or bass.

What Materials Are Used to Make Guitar Strings?

Strings are typically made of a metal alloy material; however, differing alloys can change the way your instrument sounds. For instance, nickel-plated steel produces a warm sound, while stainless steel strings sound crisp and clear. Chrome strings are typically used for jazz music, but titanium strings create a bright tone.