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12-String Electric Guitars

When you want to rock out, sometimes you want to get a little more sound. Once you’ve mastered the art of playing guitar, you can then move on and try a 12-string electric guitar. There are several types for different levels of players and various types of tastes that are sure to help you play everything from rock to heavy metal.

Similarly to a 6-string electric, a 12-string semi-hollow electric guitar comes complete with both a sound box and electric pickups. It mimics many of the older Les Paul models, or the Rickenbacker models of the 50’s and 60’s. It produces a crisp, clear, and clean twang, especially when paired with the right amplifier. Like a regular 12-string, you pick two strings at once to achieve sound.

A 12-string double neck is a different type of electric guitar. Actually, it’s essentially two 6-string electric guitars with two octaves, rolled into one. You’ve definitely seen a lot of 80s hair bands with these double-neck models, and they’re still relatively popular today. They do require a bit of skill and a lot of guitar knowledge, but they’re extremely fun to show off and play.

A full body 12-string electric guitar is just like a 6-string in construction. It is equipped with pickups to produce sound, and must be plugged into an amplifier. Like a regular 12-string guitar, you produce sound by plucking or strumming two strings at once. There are quite a few different types of full-body 12-string options. Right-handed 12-string electric guitars are the most common, but there are models for left-handed players as well.

Since a 12-string electric is not terribly common, you also have the option of building your own from scratch with a kit. Look for a kit that includes everything you need to build the guitar, including the strings. This way, you can assemble the guitar yourself, with all of your own customisation built in.