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Electric Heating Cat Beds

If you live in a part of the world where the weather gets icy cold, then why not treat your pet cat to an electric heating bed? It's a pretty sure bet that if you're feeling chilly from the frosty temperatures, then your pets are feeling it as well. As cats love the warmth, a luxurious heated cat bed could be the perfect solution for keeping your feline friend snug and warm during the bitterly cold freezing months.

Variety of Styles

Electric heating cat beds come in a variety of sizes, styles and configurations to keep your kitty comfortable and warm. Some cat beds are open mats and pads, while others are hooded and enclosed. For example, there are open-style beds featuring a low 4-watt heating unit to heat the bed's surface. Alternatively, if your cat prefers the security of an enclosed sleeping space, then there are heated cat beds for your pet's comfort and warmth. There are great hideouts for your cat and, likewise, some use a 4-watt heating unit to warm the surface of the bed.

Cat Self-Heating Beds

If electrical cat beds aren't the type of product you want, then you may like self-heating cat beds, which work to keep your kitty warm and cosy simply by using their own body heat. For example, there are special self-warming materials with a layer of metalised insulation to generate warmth from your cat's own body heat. You can also find self-heated cat beds in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your pet.

Machine-Washable Cat Beds

If maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in your home is important to you and you'd much prefer the convenience of easy wash and care products, then check out the range of machine-washable cat beds. Cat beds not only offer you a fully machine-washable solution, but will keep your kitty warm and comfortable too.

Affordable Cat Beds

Let's face it, there are few things our pet kitties and cats enjoy more than lying around and sleeping all day. As cats can sleep up to 20 hours daily, it's important they have a comfortable and cosy place to snooze. This is where affordable cat beds come in very handy. You can find just about any style or quality of cat bed today to pamper your pet cat that is suitable for your budget.

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