Electric Heating Pads

Provide relief for aching muscles or injured areas with an electric heating pad. The heat from the pad can be soothing, allowing achy muscles and joints to relax. You can find muscle pain and fever relief from a variety of styles and sizes in electric heating pads.

Brand of Electric Heating Pads

Consider the brand of electric heating pads when you shop for a product. You will find several manufacturers that make heating pads, including Sunbeam and Bodicheck. Conair is another well-known brand with many successful products. Battle Creek and Soft Heat are two more options. You can also find unbranded products if you're more interested in cost rather than brand reputation.

Electric Heating Pad Sizes

You will find electric heating pads in a range of sizes. You may need a small one for an arm or neck while a larger pad will be better for your leg or back. The pads are large enough to cover the affected area to find the best relief.

Shape for Electric Heating Pads

While electric heating pads often come in a square or rectangle shape, they also come in other shapes as well. You can find a curved pad to fit around your neck. There are also round heating pads as well as those which are boot-shaped to fit your feet inside.

Features for Electric Heating Pads

Heating pads come with various features, so compare products before you make a decision. Most include a button or attachment to allow you to adjust the level of heat. Some may include massagers for added relief. You may want to look for items which are machine washable for easy care. Another option is cordless heating pads, which include rechargeable batteries. They make it easier to walk around or perform tasks while wearing the heating pad. They are also ideal for outdoor use.