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Electric Hole Diggers & Augers

Electric Hole Diggers and Augers

Earth hole diggers and augers are the perfect addition to your outdoor power equipment when it comes to installing fence posts, decks and planting trees. A powered post hole digger means youll never have to do the backbreaking work of manually digging holes, saving yourself time and energy. Combined with electric grass shears and lawn edgers, theyre a must for any green thumb wanting to D.I.Y. around the home and garden.


Do you need to get a series of post holes dug? Look for earth and soil augers that are designed with a rotating helical screw blade that removes the soil as you drill. You can find both handheld manual augers and those powered by an electric motor or internal combustion engine to attach to your tractor. Wood augers are specifically designed for cutting into wood, while some augers can be harnessed by ice fishermen to drill into the ice.

Lightweight and Durable

Look for lightweight electric hole diggers and augers to reduce any strain on your body, as well as those that are easy to start and have great manoeuvrability. Two-stroke engines offer plenty of power to get through clay soils, whether youre getting occasional jobs done around the house or are a commercial fencer and tradesman.

One-Man Power Augers

Some earth hole drillers and augers are designed to be operated by two people, with their power and torque a wrestle, particularly if you hit a rock or root. Fortunately, you can find easy-to-use, one-man models that are ideal if youre dealing with sandy or loamy soil. They feature an ergonomic handle for extended use and a three drilling action design to get the job done.

Replacement Earth Hole Digger and Auger Parts

If youre looking for replacement parts for your outdoor power equipment, you can find individual drill bits and blades to fit your make and model of auger or earth hole digger. If youve got the drill bits, but your engine has given up the ghost, you can also find replacement engines to suit.