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Electric Lighter

Light up your collection with an electric lighter

Using a lighter may come as second nature, but the gadgets have developed greatly over time to provide us with the convenience. A functional, practical accessory that fits right in your pockets, the lighter helps in a variety of ways. You can be sure to find a collectible lighter to suit your needs, right here on eBay.

Types of electric lighters

Whether you need a lighter for cigarettes, to provide flame at a cold camping session, or to kickstart celebratory fireworks, theres a lighter made for your very needs. Along with being practical, lighters have also become a popular collectors item, helping to fuel an admiration for elegant designs and retro artwork. With the advancement of technology comes the electric lighter, a widely-used accessory. Rechargeable by USB, electric models combines safety with style almost effortlessly.

Lighters as we best know them first came to exist in WW1 when bored soldiers found a different use for gunpowder and empty cartridge casings. The process for manufacturing lighters has travelled through decades of time, with style and additional features changing as technology develops. Easy-to-use, practical lighters became commonplace in the 1900s, and are still used today.

Lighters have advanced immensely since then, with innovations combining safety and efficiency in different situations. Windproof lighters work in your favour against poor weather conditions. For safer use around children, manufacturers said goodbye to butane gases and dangerous flames, and the flameless lighter was born.

Arc lighters provide one of the first electric powered models, replacing the flame with an arc of electricity and offering rechargeable options. Other items come with implemented with arc lighters include LED lights or double jet flames for greater power. But if theres one aspect that remains unchanged over time, its the lighters long-standing reliability.

So whether youre growing a vintage collection, or searching for a practical gadget, the ranges available on eBay are sure to lighten your mood.