Electric Massage Tables & Chairs

Electric Massage Tables and Chairs

Treat your patients in comfort and style with electric massage tables and chairs for your home spa or therapeutic centre. Select from a range of different massage table designs, including those with removable and adjustable face crests and armrest extensions, as well as massage tables and chairs with remote control and foot pedals for easy lifting.

Advantages of Electric Massage Tables and Chairs

Electric massage tables and chairs ensure youre always working at the correct height and can alter the height or position of your client without disruption. Theyll prevent your back, neck and arms from encountering unnecessary strains during long days at work and are ideal for those who are working with elderly or disabled clients who have limited mobility.

Treatment Chairs

An electric massage chair is the perfect addition for day spas offering facial and head massages, foot massages, as well as pedicure and manicure treatments. Your client will be seated in absolute comfort with adjustable lower armrests, while maintaining an ideal position for the beautician or massage therapist to work.


When deciding on the right electric massage chair or table, look for heavy-duty steel frames that will offer stability, as well as lockable casters for effortless moving. Portable massage tables and chairs tend to have a lower height adjustment range than some stationary models, although they offer the flexibility to be easily moved to different treatment rooms or spaces.

Other Uses

In addition to their use for massages and beauty spa treatments, electric massage tables and chairs are ideal for laser treatments, cosmetic surgery clinics, waxing beauticians and tattoo artists. Easily move your client from a comfortable seated position into a horizontal position as required during treatments, then elevate them again when treatment is complete.