Electric Nail Files and Tools

Nowadays, most of the salons and spas have switched from manual nail files and clippers to electric nail files and tool sets. The usage of electric nail files and drills have made the manicure and pedicure process faster and more efficient. Using and cleaning electric nail files is very easy and salon and spa staff can be trained to use them without any hassle. Usage of electric nail files and tools also standardizes the nail care practices to a large extent.

Professional Electric Nail Sets

Professional electric nail sets come with electric nail files and drills. Pen shaped electric nail drills are most commonly used in salons as they are the easiest to hold and handle. These electric nail sets are ideal for professional as well as home usage. They come with handy user manuals and their usage can be mastered easily with some practice. These can be used for not just manicures and pedicures, but for weekly and monthly nail care maintenance and routine as well.

Components of Electric Manicure and Pedicure Sets

A professional electric nail set usually comes with an electric nail drill, a rechargeable battery or a charging cord, different designs and types of electric nail file drill bits, a holding station and filing heads. Some smaller electric nail sets do not have the holding station and their range of nail file drill bits and filing heads is comparatively smaller. Electric manicure and pedicure nail files have different nail drills, nail files, drills, and acrylic stations. They can be used for sanding, carving, drilling and polishing of nails during manicures and pedicures. They have adjustable settings which can be customized and adjusted according to the manicurist’s and customers’ requirements.

Taking Care of Electric Nail Files and Tools

To ensure that electric nail files and tools last a long time in your home or salon, it is imperative that you use them on correct voltage settings. It is also important that you clean them on a daily basis and sterilize them with vinegar thoroughly on a weekly basis while ensuring that water doesn’t go into mechanical parts.