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Electric Ranges and Stoves

Electric Ranges and Stoves

When it comes to kitchen appliances and other home goods, one of the most important is the oven. The type of hook up you have in the kitchen determines whether you need a gas or electric stove. The combination of small and large appliances gives you the freedom to cook the way you want and make healthy, quick, and yummy meals for your family.

What are the Different Types of Ranges?

  • Freestanding - With a freestanding range, you can place it anywhere. Typically, the controls go on a back panel that sits above the cook top.
  • Slide-in - Just as it sounds, slide-in styles can "slide into" the space between two cabinets and fit flush with the surrounding countertops. The controls are located on the front since there is no back panel on this type of stove.
  • Drop-in - Similar to the slide-in model, the drop-in range sits flush with the countertops, but unlike the others, it doesnt have a bottom drawer. Whats more, due to the strip of cabinetry you place beneath it, it looks like it was "dropped in" between two cabinets.

What Type of Features Come on a Stove?

  • Digital display - Take the guesswork out of what degree you turned the oven too. A digital display plainly tells you what temperature you set and usually changes as the stove warms up, so you know exactly when it reaches the optimal temp for what you are baking.
  • Bottom drawers - On average, people store pans in the bottom drawer of a stove. However, that is not what it is there to do. The purpose of this drawer is to keep food warm while you are cooking the rest of the meal.
  • Smooth top - Are you tired of food dropping and running under the burner? If so, then a smooth top option is ideal for you. The burners are built-in, and clean up is a breeze.
  • Double Oven - Bake the main course and the sides at the same time. No more waiting for the turkey to get down so you can make the dressing, a double oven gives you the space to do it all at the same time.